Agra has created a special place in the world history since the epical age. The famous Hindu epic Mahabharata mentioned the name as Agravana. It has been referred as Arya Griha since the ancient period of time and it is the calm witness of all the historical events.

The city was founded by Badal singh in 1475.The city got a special image in the world historical books during the ruling of Mughal emperor in the city. They founded some glorious monuments like Taj mahal, Fort of Agra, Fatehpur sikri and Akbor tomb in the city.

Agra Photo Gallery

Agra Fort
Agra Fort Agra Fort
Perl Mosque
Perl Mosque Perl Mosque
Fathehpur S...
Fathehpur Sikri Fathehpur Sikri
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Taj Mahal

Following are some places of Agra to visit:

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal: It is one of the top wonder in the list of worlds seven wonder and contains some golden memories of love and affection. This was made by the great king Sahan jahan as a memory of his wife Mumtaz mahal. You might have seen the picture of Taj Mahal in magazines or brochures. But the reality looks more living than the picture. The construction work for this magic building started in 1632 and ends in 1653. 22,000 skilled craftsmen were employed by sahan jahan to give final touch to the building.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort: It is the majestic and huge fort of red stone situated at the bank of river Yamuna. The massive fort consists of a huge wall of red stones with a number of small and beautiful buildings inside. The fort has two gates on either side. One is delhi gate and the other is Amar singh gate. You can enter into the fort only through Amar singh gate. After entering through the gate you can find a large public audience hall at the right hand side, which is known as Diwan-i-Am. After that you will found royal pavilions, which contains some beautiful mosques and palaces.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri: This golden city was founded by the great Mughal king Akbar. The city was named according to the name of a great saint, Sikri, whose blessing helped Akbar to get three sons.

Akbar Tomb

Akbar tomb: You can see the reflection of the great architecture of Mughal emperor, once you visited Akbar tomb. The building is totally different from other construction works of Agra and it contains some golden historical information of that time.

Travel Tips

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