Delhi being the capital of India has its own political and cultural significance; it is the city of heritage and landmarks. Delhi is actually a metropolitan land which connects two culturally diverse worlds namely old Delhi and New Delhi. Both old and New Delhi has various beautiful locations to visit. The city of Delhi has always been known as city of rulers.

The interesting thing to note about Delhi is that it has experienced great structural developments from ancient times; many times the city has undergone demolishment and rebuilding. Some ruler destroyed the city architecture and then they even rebuild it in their own way. In today time you will get too see a Delhi having different places like shopping markets, museums, food destinations and many other interesting places

Traveling to various historic locations of Delhi will make your journey a memorable one. You can easily access the capital city of India as you have traveling options like roadways, trains, airlines. You can select any mode and once you reach Delhi you can hire a cab to visit various tourist locations. The good part about hiring the local bus or taxi is that they can take you to all the important locations around the city and you would definitely not want to miss this golden opportunity.

Delhi Photo Gallery

Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar Qutub Minar
Akshardham ...
Akshardham Temple Akshardham Temple
Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid Jama Masjid
India Gate
India Gate India Gate

Following are some tourist destinations you must visit while you hire a cab for touring the city.

Red Fort

Red fort also famously known as Lal Quila; it is constructed by mogul emperor shah jahan is included in old delhi region. You can visit it in a hired cab or a luxurious car. The historical importance of the Lal quila is that it was build when shah jahan shifted his capital to Delhi. The construction was accomplished in 1648 and it took nine years for the workers to make this huge and historically rich imperial fort

Humayun Grave

The Humayun grave is built by haji begum also known as the senior wife of Humayun. The grave is red sand stoned and it is clear depiction of Mughal style construction, it is also referred as the forerunner of the beautiful Taj Mahal.

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is an appealing structure and is India tallest minaret; it took 46 years to complete this great representation of afgan heritage. The height of Qutub Minar is 73 m and this tower is incorporated in the list of world hertage sigh by the UNESCO

Akshardham Temple

You should never miss to visit this beautiful temple devoted to Lord Swminarayan.; it is situated in the eastern delhi region and you can easily hire a cab to reach here. This temple is famous for its superb architecture and metaphorical pillars; there is visually dynamic Animatronics show, large and beautiful gaerdens and musical fountains and many other ataractive things to see.

It is great to visit Delhi and if you want to make this journey unforgettable then you must rent a luxurious car and make sure that the driver will take you to all the beautiful places stated above.

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