Jaipur a city famously known as pink city is a capital city of the Rajasthan state. It is a city of many famous heritage buildings and a land of handcraft jewelry. Jaipur was found and given the name in 1727 A.D by sawai jai Singh; its beautiful architectures are result of master minds of jai Singh and his brilliant architect Vidyadhar. If you travel by car then it is a very good way to tour Jaipur and you can visit each location as per your convenience so this way you can enjoy your journey. The adjective pink city to this city was given in 1876 when Elizabeth II, the queen of England visited the city along with Prince Albert and entire city was colored with pink.

The city of Jaipur is one of the first well planed city of India it has prefect blend of affluent legacy monuments, exotic locations, lakes, beautiful gardens along with modern architecture of tall buildings and shopping malls. There are so many tourists destinations in Jaipur and you will have the time of your life if you visit them each one separately and with utmost comfort in luxurious car.

Jaipur Photo Gallery

Jaipur Fort
Jaipur Fort Jaipur Fort
Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal Hawa Mahal
Jai Mahal
Jai Mahal Jai Mahal
Jantar Mant...
Jantar Mantar Jantar Mantar

Following are some famous locations of Jaipur city:

Hawa Mahal

This is very famous fort and it has been given a very famous adjective Palace of winds, this was constructed in 1799 by famous poet Sawai Pratap Singh. This fort is five-storey construction is actually facing to the busy market, it has 953 windows famously referred as 'Jharokhas'. The Jharokhas were made for the ladies of regal house so that they can witness daily buzz from the fort while remaining hidden from the public eyes.

City Palace

This fort is a dual bled of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural style, there is one part of this fort dedicated to museum and in other part the royal family of Jaipur city resides. There is a very famous art gallery that has many interesting things to see including one of the biggest hindu manuscripts Bhagwat Gita and paintings of Ramayana.

Jantar Mantar

This stoned architecture is a result of keen interest of Jai Singh II in astronomy, numerology he himself was an astronomer. He along with his expert workers created instruments that can give accurate information on planetary movements and eclipses.

Amber Fort and Temple of Goddess Shitla

The Amber fort of is built by Maharaja Man Singh, the striking features of this fort are its sheesh mahal, small temple of Shitla mata, Diwan-i-Am etc. the fort is resemblance of great rajput culture.

Jaigarh Fort

It is built by Sawai Jai Singh in 1726, the reason of its great looks is that this fort was never capyured so it is still in very good shape. Huge cannon-the Jai Ban, widespread parkotas are some of the attractions of this fort.

The locations described here are very beautiful and once you visit them you will realize the true values or Rajasthani culture, it is wise if you book a car on to travel to all these places so that you have pleasure in visting them.

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